Thursday, October 25, 2012

7 Months Out of the Loop

So much has happened in the last 7 months, and I have neglected not only my journal, but also my lap band.

I stopped using it.

I stopped going to the doctor.

I felt like nothing was changing, and went through tons of family changes.  In March my Grandmother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Terminal Cancer, and only a month later, she passed.

After April I went into a downward spiral, and just gave up.

My schooling fell short, my work was mediocre, and life was just blah.

I do believe I gave up on myself.

In June the Mister and I decided we were ready to try to have a baby.

That was my next reason to neglect my lap band.

It's not October, and I have yet to get pregnant.  I went to my doctor and learned that I will be on some medication that prevents me from being pregnant for the next three months; which means January is the earliest.

I held Little Ms' birthday party a few weeks ago and saw a photo of me that just made me look so round.  I have also gained 8 pounds since March, which is not good.

I have an appointment on Tuesday to talk to my doctor about pregnancy, and also to get a fill.

That photo, plus dealing with everything, and finally getting back to a good place in my life (emotionally), I'm ready to concur some of the physical.  I figure I have at least two months to get back on track, and probably longer if pregnancy doesn't happen right away.

I have been going to the gym again, which has been helpful, but my eating has gone to sh*t.  I'm hoping using my lap band will help me with that, and am ready to make some physical changes.

On the plus side, any weight loss should aid me in my goal of getting pregnant, since I am still over 200 pounds.

Glad to see those who were banded near me are doing so well, and hopefully I won't be such a stranger.

- Until next time.