Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Well, the Mister and I have chosen June to start trying for a baby...I can do this.  Both lose the weight before, and actually have a kid/give birth (birth scares the bajeezes out of me).

The bad...I still haven't broken 200...damn you to myself.  I am right at 200.8-201.8 and getting really mad about it.  Maybe I need to get mad to actually do something about it.

The ugly...well, I'm having issues with my scars.  You can feel the amount of scar tissue under them, and they (all four) are raised.  It's so weird...not necessarily ugly, but very strange.

Things are well in our house, we've been crazy busy, but what would life be if it was easy as pie?  My classes started again, and so far it is going great!  I am really enjoying learning about social psychology, and I think if I don't go into teaching, I would love to go into social psychology research.

I have been maintaining my eating journal (which is not consistent for me), and that has been very helpful.  My next goal to add with that is instead of just writing everything (not only the good, but the crap I manage to fit in too), but to also add how I'm feeling or what's going on when I'm eating things that are not the best for me.

The Mister and I have noticed that when I focus on my food, I lose weight.  When I let loose of my sight on what I'm eating, then I gain a pound or two...and it takes longer to take off that pound or two than it does to put on.

All is well here.  I know keeping up with my journal hasn't been as consistent as I would like it to be, but I was really hoping I could put a number on here that was in the Hundreds and not the two-hundreds...oh well.

Next time!  This week I'll be out of town at a conference, and that scares me to tell you the truth.  Breakfast, lunch, and most dinners are hopefully we have some good options instead of all crap.  The Mister told me to hard boil some eggs and keep them in my hotel fridge, bring my oatmeal and  yogurt, so that way I know my breakfast will be taken care of.  Good thing is that I will have a car while I'm down there, so if they're serving crap, then I can go to the market one night after the meetings and get some things of my own.

- Until next time.

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