Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year - and two weeks off of blogging

Happy New Year!  2012 is here, and I told the Mister it should be a good year for people to start resolutions, since Jan. 1st was on a Sunday.  I have few, very obtainable, resolutions.  The first is to mail out a birthday card to every family member, as well as anniversary cards.  I always keep a calendar of birthdays and anniversaries, so why not?  Another is to blog more, as I noticed blogging is the way I hold myself accountable for what I am/am not doing.  I need to blog at least once per week, but more would be acceptable.

My next grad school class starts on Monday, so I know I'll be on the computer maybe blogging will be a break from my studies...we'll see.

The last post I had was very negative, very very negative.  Over the last two weeks, I have not focused much on eating, yet have still watched my portions (still have that fear of vomiting).  Today I finally decided to weigh myself, and I weighed in at 201.8.  I was so surprised.  That is the closest I have been to breaking the 200's, and I really should take advantage of it.  The last time I weighed myself I was close to 209, so to be down that low was very surprising to me.

The Mister and I were talking last night, which is what sparked my weight curiosity, and he is offering a bet.  He wants to be $100 that I couldn't lose 30 pounds by  March.  I think it's his way of kind of encouraging me.  We used to go to the gym together, but we both realized we do better when we go solo to the gym.  So today as I was curious to see what my weight is, to see where I'd be in 30 pounds, am very tempted to take that bet.

Since I'm in school and working, I have to manage out my time, so as long as I add the gym and perhaps even scheduled eating times, I think I could make it work.  What's some advice to aid in the weight loss process?

I still don't feel too much difference with my lapband.  I've noticed since doing portion control (weighing and measuring out my portions) that I'm not has hungry as my eyes think that I am.

Another thing, I really want to have a baby this year (not sure if I've mentioned that), but I also really want to be at least in the 150' that puts me at about 50 pounds to lose.  Our goal is to start this summer, where I take out my IUD, but the sooner I can get down the sooner I'll take out my IUD.  That's a good and bad motivator.  Having a baby scares the crap out of me, but other days it makes me so happy and encouraged because I know I want a baby and to build our family.

Oh well.  Hopefully I'll be seeing you guys more frequently.

-Until next time.


  1. Awesome loss, good for you hun! Babies are scary, amazing, wonderful, stressful things... that is part of the joy! xxx

  2. I tagged you, check out my blog post for instuctions!

  3. All the best with expanding your family. Having kids scares me too but it's an experience I would like to go through at some stage and I know that once I look into that baby face all the fear will vanish and it will just fell right.