Friday, April 19, 2013

Limited availability is crazy.

So, after talking to The Mister, we decided to just make another fill appointment.  We figured it would be good to utilize this tool I wanted almost two years ago, and try to talk to the doctor and voice my concerns.  I will have to talk to their business office and work out some sort of payment plan for the crazy $250 payment for a fill.

So today I called and the next available appointment is Tuesday, April 30th.

*cough cough* excuse me?

Brief back history - my LB doctor is based out of a metro area located 3 hours away (more if there's traffic).  They come up to an area about 45 minutes away from me every Tuesday and one Saturday per month.  So I used to schedule an appointment for the one Saturday a month, or if I wanted to see them more frequently, I would schedule a doctors' appointment leave at work and go on a Tuesday.

So I inquired about the weekly Tuesday visits; they no longer do that, they don't feel it's necessary.  So my choice is April 30th or May 11th.


I got a little frustrated, and instead of taking it out on anyone, I told her I would have to call them another time to schedule.

That's crazy.

It's bad enough that I am having so many doubts with this whole lap band thing; this makes it worse.  Now I can't even utilize this tool except two days per month that you see fit?  I know I may be over exaggerating, but it's so hard not to let this pull me down more about why I got the lap band to begin with.

I need a minute to cool off; very upset at how unavailable the support I'm supposed to have seems to be.

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