Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's October...and I haven't posted in 10 days =/

October is here...and in full swing.

My life has turned crazy busy, and will continue to be swamped until after the new year.  I guess it's good to be busy, but I just have been feeling very overwhelmed.

I weighed myself Friday morning, and have gone up 0.8 pounds...almost an entire pound.  I have also started using the gym 4-6 times per week (the first week was 6, and this last week was only 4 due to schedule conflicts).  I told my husband I hope it's the gym, but it could be my eating.

Although I can eat basically whatever I want, I try not to.  I haven't been eating as strictly to my eating plan and diet as I was before I started working three days a week.  Work is my biggest issue with my eating, and I have vocalized to all of my peers at work that I am trying to stick to an eating schedule and an eating plan, that if they see me try to go off track to stop me.  Now that it's out in the open, hopefully it'll be easier. 

I've also set alarms on my phone to go off, in case I am busy, I know it's time for my protein shake or whatever it may be.  I hope that works out.

Today I went and put a kinect on layaway.  Although it's only $150, I don't have it right now, but I had $20 lol.  We went to pay on our daughter's Christmas gifts, and the lady in front of us had one, so I decided to get one as well.  I get paid on Friday and am hoping to pay in full then, but we'll have to see what our bills are looking like.

I despise the holiday season for the amount of money everything seems to cost.  It seems like every October our bills get crazy, then we're catching up November & December, then behind again because of Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

I also ordered Billy Blanks PT 24/7 workout system for myself and The Mister.  Who knows when I'll get it, since it didn't tell me until after I completed my order that it's back ordered.  If I would have known that, I would have bought it from Amazon or even Ebay.  Oh well, I should have known better, but hopefully before November I'll get it.

The Mister has been very supportive of me, and has been joining me at the gym, so that's been great.  I've been sweating my butt off and I feel like it's not doing anything.  One of the girls I work with told me I'm not getting enough cardio, which could be true.  That's part of the reason I decided on the Kinect.  She does Zumba at the gym, but I figured I could do it at home, and still go to the gym and hopefully we'll see some better results. 

My husband also mentioned that my face looks thinner; but I'm not seeing that yet.  I've only taken one photo, and I feel that I look exactly the same since that photo.  I had a goal of getting under 200 pounds before I was approved to start working out, and that didn't happen (I also got approved to start working out before I thought I would) but now I want to drop this last few pounds before the 22nd (my first fill).

I guess I want to show the doctor that I'm really trying.  If I went in right now, I'd be up in weight (not even an entire pound, but still).  I guess it's a bit of a bummer to drop 16 pounds like I was holding it in my hand, and then to plateau for what seems like forever, it sucks. 

I'm off.  I have some things to finish while Little Ms. is with her Mom.  We pick her up tomorrow and we're taking her away on an overnight trip.  Her birthday is Monday and she's never been to Disneyland- so that's where we're taking her =)  I'm really excited, not so much for Disneyland (because I really don't like that theme park vs. the others near it), but for her face and reactions and seeing the characters.  It is going to be awesome!

- Until next time.

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