Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fill One- Complete

Two months and 11 days after surgery, I went in for my first fill.

I gained 1 pound, but I knew that when I got there.  As I prepared for the hour long drive to my doctor's office, I did my morning weigh in, and it didn't even phase me that I had gained a pound.  I knew due to what I was eating, with my birthday I kind of threw all eating notes out the window (which you shouldn't do, but it had been so long since I had done it).

I was surprised at how fast I was in and out of there, usually I have to wait around forever for my doctor, but not yesterday.  I got in, they had me lay down with my hands behind my head, and they gave me a numbing shot.  The shot felt like nothing, but then once they go to pull it out, it has a burning sensation.

The doctor said it's normal, he's not sure why, but everyone says that.  So then he puts in the needle to fill, but he can't find the spot on the port.  We tried everything.  I was laying down, I was sitting up, I was standing, and then again, we tried laying down.  He poked me in four different spots, before finally locating the "golden area" so to speak.

Once he found the spot for fill, he had me sit up and begin to drink water.  We did it about three times, and he said we were done.  It was a weird sensation though.  When he did the first start of filling I felt like bubbles going up my throat, it was weird.

He ended up putting 2.5 cc's in my band, but said he thought I could have used more.  I'm not sure if I could have, but his office is closed all of next week, and this being my first fill right before thanksgiving, I'm glad we stopped.  I couldn't imagine if it was too tight, and then I'd have to wait over a week to go see him - no thanks.

All day yesterday after my fill I had horrible gas - I could not stop burping.  The Mister kept saying they sounded like angry burps haha.  I had no problem eating, but I did pay attention to feeling full or not.  I tried not to eat too much anyway, cause we weren't at home.

I went to the gym by myself the other day, which is new.  Typically I only go with The Mister, but with our schedules being so crazy, we never have time to go together.  I noticed I was using it as an excuse, that I wasn't going to the gym because we didn't have time.  I had time, I just wasn't going.  So now, I'm going by myself.

I am very excited to see how things go, as I feel like my first fill is the start to this adventure (event though I know surgery was, it seems like ages ago).  Very excited over here.

- Until next time.


  1. Glad to hear you got a fill. It will make a difference. I just got my second one today and it was conservative only a 0.2cc. I do notice the change though tonight. I get those little gurgly gas bubbles in my throat too.