Friday, November 4, 2011

It's been almost 2 weeks...

Almost 2 weeks since my last post.

I have been feeling great, and then mad, then great, then mad.  There are many things going on in my life lately; which is probably the cause of the ups and downs of emotions.

Lap Band first- things are fine.  I am down to 203.6 in the past two weeks, but I only have 3ish pounds to go before I'm in the 190's...I need to do this for myself.  Since I missed my first fill date, my next fill date/first fill is due on Saturday, November 19th.  My birthday is on the 16th, so it's convenient that I get to celebrate one last birthday fill-less.  I don't like cake, so it'll probably be ice cream.

I am glad that I have maintained and even lost a small percent, but then sometimes I get really upset at myself that I should be trying harder and I'm not putting forth full effort.

This weekend I have accepted ZERO work to take home.  I don't get paid for it, so I'm making full effort to no longer bring it home.  Four days of no work; at all.  One of my goals this weekend is to manage my time for the next week, and tweak it as it needs to be.

This includes my work schedule, eating, time with the family, and gym.  I feel like I've been avoiding the gym like the plague, and I need to embrace it like a bad habit.

I have been completely stuck in baby mode the last few months, and I need to hold myself to the goal I set.  I made a deal with myself and the Mister that we wouldn't get pregnant until I lost 50 pounds.  That's not that far away.  Another deal we talked about was waiting until next summer, which could potentially put me at my goal weight of 130/140...

We'll see what happens; but I'm hoping to drop 50 before it does.

Work is crazy busy, I got my first teaching assignment,  and I'm SUPER excited.  I'll be teaching a 5 week Customer Service class at the local Junior College...I just have to prep for the classes.  Classes start on Tuesday, and I can use the extra money right before Christmas.

- Until next time.


  1. I've been very slack at blogging too! Good on you for focussing on work/life balance - it's a real challenge, but definitely worth the effort.

  2. Hi - new follower!

  3. I suck at blogging lately too! Don't feel bad. This is a busy time! Good luck on your new teaching assignment!!

  4. Thanks for the support. Also- welcome Andrea!