Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pre-Op Liquid Diet = No bueno

There are a few things I was told to do prior to surgery, and have a pre-op checklist.  One of them is a two week liquid diet.  I interpreted it as an all liquid diet, and to make sure I intake lots of protein.

I start my morning with a protein shake.  I drink water all day.  Another protein shake.  More water, and guess what...another protein shake.  I brought in some chicken broth to switch things up a bit, and just felt like I was starving.  I managed to call in about it, and they told me I may not be having enough protein.  They also told me I may have one small low-cal/high protein meal per day.  Thank goodness.  My jaw wants to chew!  My best friend gave me an idea of utilizing sugar free gum during the day to try and psych myself out that I'm eating even though I'm not.  It's an idea I plan to use.

I'm hoping to get down to one meal per day, and then as I get closer to surgery, go to all liquid.  From what I interpret, the all liquid diet really helps with the surgery and shrinking of the liver.  I'm also in the process of quitting smoking.

I used to be a heavy smoker, then I just kind of stopped for a while.  Now I smoke socially (usually while drinking), or when I'm stressed.  For whatever reason, I have been craving them lately, which is not like me.  For anyone who has smoked, when you crave it, there's not a real supplement for it.  I used to supplement food for a smoke, but that's not really an options; and no liquid I put in my mouth is going to cure that fix.  I'm hoping the gum will also help with that.  My Mother thinks it is me wanting something in my mouth, and since I'm not eating really at all, I'm now wanting to smoke.  Could be.

Other things on my checklist include visiting a doctor for clearance, and I can't seem to get in touch with anyone; so frustrating.  Monday morning I plan to get on the phone and make it happen.  Through them I should finish up the majority of the other requirements.

I chose this time in my life to go forward with the lapband since I am a full-time Graduate student who is not currently working.  I got picked up for a long term subbing position that will go through Christmas time.  I am excited as the money will be great, but thinking I may get overwhelmed.  I let them know the dates I would need off, and they agreed; but I'm concerned that I will be swamped with working the next few weeks until surgery that I will not be able to complete the pre-op stuff; which means no surgery.

I am trying to keep optimistic, and I know I can find time to make all of this happen.  It's amazing to me that in 12 days I will be going in for surgery.  I am excited, I am a little nervous, but my husband is SUPER supportive and when I get nervous, he reminds me of my excitement.

I've also been reading tons of blogs, and watching video blogs, and we even found some partners who have blogged for my husband to watch.  I know I have an amazing husband, but I hope he can handle everything that is coming up for us; and I think we can do this together.

- Until next time.


  1. Welcome to the journey!! I found your blog on Lucy Luck's page. I just want you to know that the online blog world is an awesome support system. I learned a lot from my friends on here! They even helped me on the day of surgery. I was SO nervous that day and I kept getting messages from everyone wishing me luck and telling me it's exactly how they felt, etc. It was such a good feeling knowing that people cared so much and I don't even know them face to face!! Don't get me wrong, my family and other friends were a huge support to me too, but blog friends are something special. I wish you the best and I hope you will let me follow you on your journey. I was banded 8/10, so we'll only be a month out from each other. Feel free to follow me as well!

  2. HI. New Follower. Would you like a shout out?

  3. Thank you both for the comments, I completely appreciate them!

    I am loving the blogging community, it's super helpful with different questions and answers, and the support is surreal.