Monday, August 29, 2011

10 days and counting

I have a doctor's appointment for this Wednesday to get cleared for surgery.  My surgery center contacted me today, and I am right on track =)  Yeay!

I told the lady I'm not digging the liquids, and she said to just think of how worth it the liquid diet will be in the end.  In reality, I get it.  After surgery, I'll only be allowed liquids, but it is really hard.  I think it's harder now because I started a substitute position, and everyone I work with eats while they work, or eats out, or the grab and go method.  Not cool.

All in all, today went well.  I had two meals liquid, one meal not.  I will admit, my one meal wasn't the best, but it consisted of a salad and a sandwich.  With the people I was out with today, it could have been much worse =/

- Until next time.


  1. It was not required for me to do liquids pre-op. The post-op liquids were not bad until about 10 days out. You will nt be hungry. It is amazing. Just continue to do the best you can. Would you like a Shout-Out for your blog site?

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I would love a shout out :-)