Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Surgery is Scheduled - 09/08/11.

Some background on myself-

I'm a 26 year old female, living in California, who has struggled with weight issues throughout my entire life.  I'm 5' tall, and currently at my highest weight.  I remember when I first broke 200 pounds (at 5'), I was it's beyond the 200, and I'm at a point where I'd be happy being 200 lb's again. 

Those who see me think that I do not look like I weigh that much, and I frequently hear from the doctors and nurses that I "carry my weight well".  Is that a polite way of calling me fat?

I did a lot of yo-yo dieting throughout my entire life, and over the past 6 months- year I have changed my eating habits, and even began steady exercising.  I'm learning my biggest obstacle is myself, and my lack of will power.  I've been consistently gaining about 10-15 pounds a year over the last few years; and that worries me.

Another concern was getting pregnant.  I current have zero children of my own, although my husband and I have a step-daughter who lives with us full time.  In the next year, we were planning to begin trying to have a baby.  The thought of getting pregnant to put more weight on scared me.  I didn't want to gain weight, then have a baby, then within the year gain weight again should we try for a second child.  I had a fear that I would end up being 300 lb or close to, before being able to do anything about my weight.

I started to research different tools for weight loss, and lap-band did catch my eye.  I've done some research for the last 6 - 8 months, and became very interested in it.  I began researching it on my own, and then brought my husband into the research over the last few months.  It took a lot of convincing for my husband, but after meeting with the doctor that would be performing my surgery, he is also on board.

My husband and I attended a seminar, where the majority of the questions that we had were answered.  Then we were able to talk to the doctor one on one, and got our other questions out of the way.  One of our main questions was whether or not I would be able to get pregnant while on the lap-band system; the answer is yes.

Once we decided we were on board, we began the process.  In late July 2011, I decided I was ready to commit to the lap-band process.  I had a telephone interview with a psychologist on July 29th; which was the start to my process.  Then on August 1st I received a phone call to schedule a telephone meeting with a nutritionist, which happened on August 3rd.

Since I have a really hard time sleeping, the doctor recommended that I attend a sleep study; which is scheduled for this Friday, August 19th.  Then on Saturday, August 20th I will be attending an EGD.  From what I understand they will be putting me under anesthesia and putting a camera down my throat.  I'm still not 100% clear on what it is, but they sent me more information via email today.

I received my phone call last Friday, August 12th, that my surgery date is scheduled for Thursday, September 8th.  My husband and I have some anxiety and apprehension because of how fast it seems to be happening; but I am excited.  I am hoping that the lap-band will be a great tool in helping me get to a comfortable weight.  I am looking at it as a tool to help me with my portion control, my lack of self will, and to aid me to a healthier lifestyle.

I was glad to hear that the changes I have made over the last year in my eating habits are good changes; but the main concern I got in my feedback was my portion control (or lack there of).

I will update as my adventure continues.

- Until next time.

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