Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sleep Study & EGD complete.

I headed down to LA to complete a sleep study, which was pretty bizarre.  I show up, check in, and they get my vitals.  After the process, they checked my airway in my arms and legs, and then sent me to my room.  I completed some paperwork, as well as the paperwork for the EGD, and then they started hooking me up.

Wires everywhere.  One near each eye, one on each side of my forehead, two on my chin, one behind each ear, one on each shoulder, one in the middle of my chest, and four throughout my hair.  All of them were put into this cream then placed and then taped.  As well as one microphone taped to my neck, a heart monitor on my right index finger, and all of these wires are plugged into what looks like a crazy over sized remote control.  Then they tell you goodnight.

Who can sleep with all of that hooked up to them?  It was super awkward.  They put me to sleep (lights out) at a quarter until 11.  I didn't sleep that well, and woke up multiple times throughout the night, which is not normal for me.  Usually I only have time falling asleep, not staying asleep.

Then bright and early at 6 am, they wake you up.  Yeay.  Got ready for my EGD, and I was doing fine until I was put on my bed with the IV in my arm, then I got nervous and weirded out.  I've never been under anesthesia, and it actually is nothing to be scared of.  The nurses and doctors I dealt with today were great, as well as a great sense of humor, and made you feel super comfortable.

I got wheeled into the room where they were going to do the EGD, I closed my eyes, they told me I would be falling asleep, and it just happened so fast.  I had my eyes closed and I could lightly hear them talking, and asking me if I was ok, and I couldn't talk, couldn't move my mouth, and then I was just out.  I woke up wheeled elsewhere, and learned that I talk about food as I come out of my fuzzy state.  Not sure why, but I was starving when I woke up, so perhaps that's why. My throat has been a bit sore throughout the day, but I feel completely fine.  I was beyond dehydrated all day, and I'm not sure if this plays a role in that.

A few things I know to change for next time.  First, don't wear flip flops.  It's really hard to wear booties over flip flops, and when you're resting on the beds they have, flip flops are uncomfortable.  Plus, you can't wear socks with flip flops, and I think socks are a good thing to wear.  Second, when bringing a change of clothes, remember to bring all aspects of the clothes...I forgot the under shirt and other items, which lead me to wear my sleep study (aka pajamas) all day.  Oh well.  I think those are the main ones.

I need to find out what else is expected of me before my lap-band on September 8th.  I know that I have to see a doctor and get cleared for surgery, other than that, I'm unclear.  I'm both excited and nervous, but time is flying by, and I hope everything is done and cleared before September 8th.

- Until next time.

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