Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pre-Op Clearance...turning into a hassle

Today I had a doctor's appointment for my pre-op clearance.  Which also included blood work, ekg, and chest x-ray.  I got to my appointment which was at 2:45, and wasn't seen until almost 3:45.  I don't understand the point of making appointments if you still have to wait around anyway.

Oh well.  I was seen, but got frustrated because my doctor's office couldn't do any of the tests.  So they wrote me a prescription/note to go to the hospital to go have it all done tomorrow.  They told me to expect to be there from 8 am until about noon.  That's half a day!  Crazy.

Then, I have to go back to my doctor for a follow up appointment on Tuesday so that he can write the clearance letter based on my test results.  He is very optimistic, but I was just getting frustrated.  I felt that since I called and made an appointment, and told you what it was for, it would have been nice to have a heads up that it would be a multiple day process.

I'm not sure if the hospital is going to charge me anything, but I have a copay for each doctor's visit.  The Mister and I are pretty frugal and diligent with our money since I stopped working to go to school full time; so these are unexpected expenses.  Kind of worried there, but as The Mister said, it will all work out.

I recently picked up a subbing job, and started on Monday.  They are aware that I need a time of absence, but I didn't tell them why.  Living in a small town, people talk, and I would rather not deal with the judgement that comes with the talking; especially in the workplace.  So now, I have to request more time off so that I can complete my testing, and go back to the doctor on Tuesday.  Oh well.  My small vent about that.

I can't believe how fast time is flying by.  A week from tomorrow I'll be under the knife, so to speak.  I'm pretty excited.  Working has made it difficult to keep on my liquid diet, especially since I work in an active environment that does promoting; and the easiest way to get people to come is luring them in with food.  I've been keeping my protein shake handy, and that's helped.

I won't say I've been 100% great, because I haven't; but when they're chowing down on cinnamon rolls, pizza, and every pastry you can think of, I'm slurping a protein shake, or finding fruit or a salad. 

I've heard from many people that they were required to do a low cal/high protein diet, that I shouldn't worry too much about not being all liquid.  The only reason I worry about it, is because I was told to do so.  My biggest battle has been not giving into temptation.  I read in a blog recently that the food channel was like food porn...and they are completely right.  The Mister and I watch many shows on the food channel, and it's amazing that my mind tries to tell me I want or need something when I don't even want to eat.  So weird.

I've picked up a pack of sugar free gum, and boy I tell ya, that is so helpful.  Especially while working.  It's like a mind game that I realize I'm chewing, so the snacking doesn't become an issue.  I'm glad I got my supervisor to give me more out of office work for the next few days; that way I don't have to see the pizza parties, or today's coffee and pastry gathering. 

- Until next time.

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  1. All these appointments will seem like a small thing as you start to succeed with your weight loss.
    I remember being frustrated too. But I would do it all again in a heartbeat.