Friday, September 9, 2011

Awake, Alert, Ready...Day after Operation

Day one, here we are.  I am actually feeling great.  Things went great, and yesterday I was pretty groggy, but today (although sore) I am feeling good.

Yesterday morning, I planned to sleep in; up and at 'em at the bright early 7 am.  I was so peeved.  The Mister went downstairs for breakfast, and I took a shower.  I got ready, and had planned well.  I wore some really baggy yoga pants, a tank top, and over shirt.  Socks and sneakers (none of that flip flop nonsense I went through during my Endoscopy).  The Mister and I watched tv, hung out, then 10:10 came about, and we were off.

We got to the center, and did some paperwork, watched some tv, then The Mister was back off to the hotel.  I went in, and had to meet with the office manager and just broke down in her office.  All my anxieties caught up to me.  I just...lost it.  The office manager understood, she herself has had the lapband surgery, and has seen patients who have cried all the way into surgery.  I did not want to be that patient.

I went into my room, got into my gown, and then to pee in a cup.  Handled all of that, and they sat me in a waiting room with a tv and a remote.  I watched tv.  Watched some more tv.  Then some more tv.  I was getting frustrated, because my check in was at 10:30, and it was already going on 1:30 in the afternoon.  Not to mention my stomach was growling ridiculously loud, and I really just wanted to leave and get something to eat.  But, I didn't.

They came in, got me, and we headed back.  I got back there at about 1:45, and they took my vitals, did my IV, and told me to be a little more patient, as the person before me was having complications.  That freaked me out.  I told my nurse that if she wanted I could come back on a different day when the doctor's were on their "A" game, and she just giggled.  She told me it was alright to freak out a little bit, but everything was fine.

We watched some tv, and the lady next to me was coming out of her anesthesia.  She was pretty humorous to listen to, and her questions were so off the wall regarding dishes, and socks, and it was just funny.

I got to see my anesthesiologist at about 2:15, and we went over everything.  He was my anesthesiologist before, and I loved him and his sense of humor, so it was nice to see him again.  I got to see my doctor a few times throughout the day, and he was a bit upset that I had to wait so long.  Right at about 2:20/2:25 the anesthesiologist gave me some relaxing stuff in my IV, and then my doctor walked in with my husband, who looked pissed.

The doctor said he found him getting upset with the front desk people, and the doctor intervened.  As he brought him back, my relaxation drugs were totally making me loopy, but I remember kissing my husband and they said let's do this.  So we did.  I went into the room, my eyes were so heavy I couldn't really keep them open.  They asked me to switch beds, which I did, and then they had my arms laying down away from my sides strapped in and that's all I remember.

I woke up in a really good mood.  Saw my nurse (who was amazing), and smiled and said "Good Morning Judy".  She just laughed and said that I seemed to be in a good mood.  They brought my husband back, and I was still a little loopy, but was so happy to be done and to see him, it was great.  The doctor and the anesthesiologist came to see how I was doing, and said I did great.

According to them, my surgery went very quickly, it only took about a half hour, and zero complications at all.  They said I had great anatomy for surgery, which just made me laugh.

I woke up having to go to the bathroom, and very thirsty at the same time.  As they were having me sit up a little, I got extremely nauseous, and my amazing nurse came in and slipped something in my IV, and I was fine.  It was like nothing happened.  They had me stand up briefly, and then decided I was ready to be taken off my IV since I was sipping water just fine.  They walked me to the bathroom, were the nurse helped me change, and everything was fine until they sat me in the wheel chair and started to wheel me away, I got extremely nauseous again, and it was gnarly.

The nurse ran out with a shot, gave me one int he arm, handed me a bag, and told my husband that the shot should keep me fine for our drive home.  We left, went to a pharmacy, got my antibiotics and pain medicine, and started our drive home.

I had water almost the entire day yesterday, and slept off and on the entire drive home.  As my husband stopped for gas and some food, I went on a search for a Popsicle, and couldn't fine one.  So I got an icee, which wasn't that good.  Then we came home, went to the market, got some chicken broth, Popsicles, and sugar free jello.

By the time we were home I felt empty.  So I got some chicken broth, and loved it.  I also split a jello cup with my husband, as we caught up on Big Brother, and fell asleep.

This morning I woke up feeling really good.  I was surprised.  I've been walking around a lot, which has helped.  Reading everyone's stories really helped me prep for what could happen, and I expected to feel much worse than I did both yesterday and today.

The gas everyone talks about, is no joke.  It's like you need to burp so bad, but you can't, and it has to come out on its own.  Walking around totally helps with that, and it just kind of slips out as it wants to.  I've also learned that the hiccups are the devil.  They hurt so bad, especially when you're full of gas.  Ugh!

Things are good though.  I have four incisions, they told my husband and I that I could have anywhere from 5-6, so it was nice to see four.  Although I can't take the bandages off until tomorrow, so I'm not sure how big they are.  They look pretty petite.  As soon as I was awake I wanted to see my stomach, which made the nurses and the doctor's laugh.  I just want to see what's going on down there, haha.

I'm going to start adding photos to my blogging journey, and am mapping out when I can start exercising (one month from now), and I'm just ready to do this.  The clear liquids are good, on Sunday/Monday I can start the pureed for a week, then to the mushies.

All anxieties aside, and I am truly glad I went through this.  It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be in my head, and I'm ready to start the new life.

- Until next time.

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