Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I can't believe it's 2 days away...

Life has been extremely busy and chaotic.  Today is my last day at my sub position, and my supervisor explained to me that although she enjoys me work ethic, she needs someone full-time (basically available 24/7).  I am accepting this as a blessing in disguise.  I have grad school to focus on (my final paper is due a week from Friday), and with my surgery, I would really like to be able to take it easy and work at my own pace to get back into the swing of things.

In better news, also the reason my supervisor mentioned wanting someone full time, I accepted a position that is only one day per week.  It will work out great for my school schedule, I can still get the housework done, and participate in my daughter's school this year (I wanted to all of last year but couldn't).  So blessing in disguise it is.

In other news, in two days I go in for surgery.  I went to my doctor's office today, and he got all my paperwork, and was going to clear me for surgery.  A few things I don't like, and will probably assist me in finding a new doctor- my appointment today was at 9:45 am...I was not even seen until 11:30.  The doctor told his girls he needed paperwork and what not, and the three of them were talking (not even a whisper, full on talking to where I could hear in the waiting room) about how they can't believe the doctor is approving someone for a lapband.  It is completely unnatural, and if the person would just exercise and eat right, they could do it without this ridiculous lap band.  I was fuming.  It made me so upset.

To think that you are in a confidential field, what do you not understand about that?  Also, no one asked for your opinion, and you don't know my story; so mind your business.  Overly frustrated with that.

My surgery is scheduled for Thursday, September 8th at 11:30 am.  Why it's so late, I'm not sure.  I have to talk to The Mister about when we should head down there.  We live about 3 hours away, so I'm not sure if he would like to drive down there that morning, or leave the night before.  I can't eat or drink anything after midnight the night before (I expected that)...just bummed that it's almost twelve hours between my cut off and surgery.  Maybe I'll try and talk to The Mister about heading down the night before and trying to sleep in as long as I can lol.

I'm off, time to finish some work for my last day here.  Gave me a pretty hefty to-do list.

- Until next time.


  1. well good luck to you on Thursday. Sorry you had such a bad experience with the office staff at your dr.'s office. Clearly ignorant girls working there.

  2. New follower here - Robyn sent me. www.canuckbanditmusings.blogspot.com. My surgery wasn't until 1 pm, so I hear you on the late in the day thing. We lived 6 hours away from the clinic and basically got up at 5 am, and then drover right back after I got out of recoery. But we were too broke to stay over night, so we just kinda sucked it up. If you can go down the night before, and then head home right afterwards, that would probably be ok. Then you can sleep late! Also, those women in the office need to be complained about. That is completely unprofessional and unacceptable. Will be thinking of you on Thursday - good luck!

  3. Hi DD, I too am a new Follower!! I agree, you need to talk to your Doctor about the unprofessional conduct of his Office staff!! They should NEVER talk about a patient where others (especially you!) could hear about your personal information.

    I say especially you, because now it will be impossible for you to forget what was said, and continue going to this Doctor!!

    Good luck on Thursday, we will all be waiting to see your post letting us know that you are home and ok!

    Debi: http://hawaiiboundbandster.blogspot.com/

  4. Thank you all for your kind words. I told The Mister about my office experience, and he too thinks it's time to find another doctor. I'll have to try a new one, but it'll be after the surgery.

    I think we'll be headed down tomorrow night, in hopes that we can sleep in (which neither of us get to do because of work and our daughter). The Mister said he'll wait to eat breakfast until after I go in; so he doesn't tempt me with food hehe.