Monday, September 26, 2011

Cookies, Candies, Cakes- Surrounded by Sweets!

I love fall.  It's my all time favorite season.  I love the change in the air, the scenery, and even the more mellow of a mood people seem to get into.  One thing I didn't realize until now is how many sweets are involved in both fall and winter.  Insane.  It doesn't help that I am usually the one that makes them.

I've decided I'm not going to give up my baking, as I really enjoy it.  Some people like to run to clear their head; I like to bake. 

Lately it seems as if I have a lot of baking on request.  I make these pretty awesome cake pops, and the only other place in town charges a fortune for them and they taste like garbage.  So I'll make them, and I sell them for a buck each.  The Mister has friends at work that have been requesting them more and more. 

I just finished some dark chocolate raspberry ones, and tonight started making some orange dreamsicle ones.  I've been pretty surprised that I have no desire to eat them.  I also within the last few months, learned how to make oreo truffles.  They are decent.  I personally expected more, but people seem to like them.

I am not a chocolate fan, nor have I ever been; but, I do like oreos (usually the double stuffed ones or the mint, so that I can't taste the chocolate haha).  Those have been heavily requested lately too.

Other baking projects I have coming up include both of my nephew's birthday cakes, as well as 30 cake pops per party; and my Mom's 60th birthday.  My sister asked me to make mini cheesecake balls and roll them in a variety of things.  So that's on the agenda.  Thank goodness I acquired a job that will keep me pretty busy, then I won't have time to think about the baked goods in my house.

As for my lack of desire to eat them- here's what I learned so far in my 2 week experience.  When it comes to eating, give me something that will keep me full.  Screw the junk food, the candy, the sweets, the crap basically.  I have had two times that I have "cheated" so to speak.  One was at the rodeo, and the other I'm not sure if it is a true cheat. Either way, both times I felt hungry way earlier than I was supposed to.

I've learned with the right foods in me, I can keep on my eating schedule that I'm trying so hard to follow.  I'm hoping that with enough routine, I will be able to  feel hungry and know it's noon and lunch time.  That at 3 pm I'm going to be looking forward to my protein shake, and that dinner will always include a protein and a vegetable.  I have been over this last week eating dinner mainly of either fish, turkey or chicken, and a vegetable.  I love it.  It's great.  No carbs, nothing heavy, I feel great, and before bed (when I'm going to bed on time) I can slip into a good night's sleep.

My other issue lately has been staying up WAY past my bed time...leading me to hunger at like 2 am (such as tonight).  I suppress it with water as much as I can, but usually end up with some chicken broth or something liquid to try and kill it.

My goals this week include- sticking to both my food and sleep schedule.  I need this routine.  I've noticed since I have broken it, I'm having a hell of a time getting back on.  I feel like the kid that fell off their bike, and needs the extra push to get on and try again.  I need to discipline myself that I shouldn't be going to bed after 11 pm/midnight.  There's no reason.  Especially now that I'll be working.

Things to work on.

- Until next time.


  1. Glad you are doing so well around the baked goods!

  2. I'm in the same boat as you I also LOVE to bake. It is my fun, my stress relief, my joy!... My step father just gave me my Moms recipes and although I know it will be emotional to make them without her I'm so happy to have them. The good thing about when I bake is I'm happy talking only a small sample to make sure it is good before I serve to others. Now on the other hand if someone brings baked goods into my house I can't stop eating them... weird I know... have you ever been to she does AMAZING cake pops

  3. I have been to bakerella's site. She has some neat stuff. I actually saw cake pops on the food network last year, and learned how expensive they were to purchase, so I told my husband I could make them.

    We tried, and they are super easy, and I do all kinds of flavors and decorations, it's a great creative outlet for me; and also nice that people can eat them as well.